Notes & Take-home Messages from Recent Talks

Energy Town Meeting (Many Presentations); Prof Ian Leslie is coordinating a group to take collaboration forward

John Ash “Risk Regulation and Revenge” – Justice is important in regulation and public trust. deliberative justice, duration of risk, personal liability

Tim Yeo, Environmental Audit Committee (Palace of Westminster) – Emissions Trading (Personal Scheme) a way of having a cap on emissions

and Assaad Razzouk, – Joint Implementation / Clean Development Mechanisms are very administratively complex

John Pyle – Climate Change Science IPCC – IPCC WG1 results + Tropospheric Ozone Chemistry (relevant if complex)

Fabian Roques – International Energy Agency World Energy Model – Integrating WEM with Gen Equilibrium model. Energy production assumed to meet demand.

Carbon Offsets Fix or Fig leaf: Carbon Offsetting can be deceptive; ‘Green Electricity’ tariffs likewise; ‘Gold Standard’ offers some assurance of quality.

David Howarth, CC Bill – CC bill won’t go through parliament this session. Interested in more interaction on public communication

Offsetting – Speaker from Climate Care – Offsets are useful ways to channel development money to 3rd World

CC Bill Panel Discussion – David Frame, Tim Helweg-Larsen, Terry Barker: Notes now online

Liang Xi – Carbon Capture Option – A financial option is useful for demonstrating value of being capture ready to investors; Cost of retrofitting CCS is much higher (50% rather than 25% increase in costs relative to no capture) if not ‘Capture Ready’