Ditch Coal 09/06/16

ditch coal

Facebook event can be found here.

For our last event of this term, join Zero Carbon and The Coal Action Network on June 9th, 7:30pm at the Lecture Theatre (Trinity Hall College) for a very special film and discussion on how to end coal’s journey of destruction.

Four coal fired power stations have closed in the last six months. The coal industry is choking on its own fumes, but we need to help it into its death throws.

Main speaker: Vladimir Slivyak from Ecodefense, a radical Russian group raising awareness of the plight of indigenous shor and Teleut people living in the Russian coalfields that supply coal to the UK.

Touring across the country, the Ditch Coal Roadshow will take you back to coal’s point of extraction – focussing on the mines in the UK and Russia – and follow it to the UK’s coal fired power stations.

The Coal Action Network’s own speaker will look at the situation in the UK’s opencast mines and power stations and open the discussion about what we can do about the industry.

Come along to find out more and to discuss how you can get involved in ending coal’s journey of destruction.

Find our more about the Coal Action Tour here.

Students, non-students – all welcome!