Al Gore’s Plan for the “Climate Crisis”

Al Gore’s Plan for the “Climate Crisis”

Ronald Bailey | March 21, 2007, 11:07am

Gleanings from Gore’s testimony before Congress.

Gore: “We face a planetary emergency. I know it sounds shrill.”

He proposed a Marshall Plan to address climate change. “We do not have
time to play around with this,” Gore declared.

Specific suggestions.

(1) We should immediately freeze CO2 emission in US. Begin sharp
reductions to by 90% by 2050. [In other words, emit only 10% of CO2
that we emit today–sorry for any confusion.] Freeze it right now.

(2) I believe we should start using the tax code to reduce taxes on
production and employment and substitute pollution taxes. We’re
discouraging work and encouraging the destruction of the planet’s
habitability. We should discourage pollution while encouraging work.
Carbon pollution is not currently priced into the marketplace. I
internalize air and water and I think that the economic system should

(3) A portion of those revenues must be earmarked for lower income
groups to make this transition

(4) I’m in favor of a strong global treaty to limit greenhouse gas
emissions=97I’m in favor of Kyoto=97I fully understand as a brand it’s
been demonized. I think we should work toward de facto compliance with
Kyoto. My formal proposal is to move forward the adoption of the next
treaty to 2010, not when Kyoto expires in 2012. We have to work to get
China and India in participate in some way, to make them part of this

(5) This Congress should enact a moratorium on all new coal fired
power plants not compatible with carbon capture and sequestration.

(6) This congress should develop a Electronet=97a smart grid. We ought
to have a law, allow people to put up photovoltaic and wind generation
and sell electricity into grid without any artificial caps.

(7) Must raise CAF=C9 standards for automobile and trucks. CAF=C9 must be
part of a comprehensive package. Don’t single out cars and trucks. The
problem is cars, coal and buildings, so must address all three

(8) Set a date for banning incandescent light bulbs.

(9) Carbon neutral mortgage association (Connie Mae) The idea is that
the market doesn’t properly price energy saving technologies, e.g.,
insulation, double paned windows, and so forth, so government should
create some kind of financial instrument to pay for these energy
saving techs. He claims that they will pay for themselves.

(10) The Securities and Exchange Commission ought to require
disclosure of carbon emissions in corporate reports. Because it’s a
material risk that companies face.