Opinion Pieces

18/2/2019, VarsityThink divestment is a distraction? You’re under a dangerous illusion – Reverend Jeremy Caddick

15/2/2019, VarsityFull divestment from a powerful university undoubtedly sends a strong and clear message – Belle George

4/2/2019, VarsityThe divestment working group scandal calls into question the very democracy of the University itself – Alice Maynard and Anna Feest

25/1/2019, VarsityWomen’s colleges must lead the way with divestment – Belle George

23/11/2018, The Guardian: Universities leading climate research must stop funding fossil fuels – Khem Rogaly and Sophie Thorpe

12/11/2018, Varsity: Using activism to break out of the bubble – Sophia Georgescu

09/11/2018, Varsity: The unethical investments of some Cambridge colleges must go – Beth Bhargava

19/10/2018, Varsity: Where the University chooses to associate, it chooses to legitimise – Ed McNally

08/07/2018, The Cambridge Student: The Divestment Decision Places Cambridge on the Wrong side of History – Sophie Thorpe

24/06/2018, Varsity: Cambridge has turned its back on democracy and morality over divestment – Mathias Gjesdal-Hammer

16/05/2018, Varsity: Decoration not ‘defacement’: The university must face up to climate change – Taz Walden and Sophie Thorpe

22/04/2017, Varsity: Democracy is vital to the divestment process – Rob Day and Emrys Travis

19/03/2017, Varsity: This is our university; we must resist corporate interests – Angus Satow

02/03/2017, Varsity: The University’s abysmal stance on climate change has led me to resign – Alice Guillaume

16/11/2017, Varsity: Cambridge needs to divest, sooner rather than later – Khem Rogaly

16/11/2017, The Tab: PARADISE PAPERS: Why Cambridge students should campaign for divestment – Hattie Hammans

14/11/2017, The Guardian: Oxbridge must end dirty investments – both offshore and oil – Elana Sulakshana, Eleanor Salter, Julia Peck and Angus Satow

18/02/2017, The Tab: The Vice-Chancellor is betraying Cambridge on climate – Angus Satow

13/10/2016, Varsity: It’s time to stop funding climate change – Sarah Howden