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7/5/2019, The GuardianCambridge University agrees to explore fossil fuel divestment plan

9/4/2019, Bright GreenPolice disruption of the boat race protest shows our movement is too powerful to ignore

13/2/2019, New SocialistFossil Fuels and the Corporate Takeover of Higher Education

31/1/2019, The CanaryCambridge University under fire over massive donations from fossil fuel companies

30/1/2019, The Guardian: BP and BHP offered Cambridge University millions despite calls to divest

22/11/2018, The Guardian: ‘It’s like tobacco funding health research’: should universities take money from fossil fuel?

12/11/2018, City Voice Nigeria: How Cambridge University students shut down Shell Annual Lecture over Ogoni spills

14/09/2018, Financial Times: Cambridge investment chiefs quit university endowment fund

10/06/2018, Telegraph: Cambridge rules out divestment in culmination of fossil fuel campaign

08/06/2018, Financial Times: John McDonnell wades into University of Cambridge fossil fuel row

26/05/2018, BBC: Fossil fuel student protesters evicted

19/05/2018, ITV: Cambridge students go on hunger strike in fossil fuel protest

18/05/2018, The Guardian: Students go on hunger strike to pressure Cambridge University to divest

04/05/2018, The Financial Times: University endowment funds face increasing pressure to be more sustainable

25/04/2018, The Telegraph: Cambridge University faces increasing pressure over BP investments

24/04/2018, The Financial Times: BP chief in spat over Cambridge funding for fossil fuel investment

24/04/2018, The Guardian: BP chief urges Cambridge University to keep fossil fuel investments

24/04/2018, Reuters: Cambridge donor BP urges university to keep fossil fuel investments

23/04/2018, The Guardian: Cambridge University urged again to end fossil fuel investments

22/04/2017, The Financial Times: Debate heats up on Cambridge’s fossil fuel divestment

24/03/2017, The Daily Mail: Protesters perform stunt during Oxford-Cambridge boat race

24/03/2017, The Evening Standard: Boat Race 2018: Protesters crash event to demand Oxford and Cambridge universities divest from fossil fuel

08/10/2017, The Financial Times: Pressure grows on £6.3bn Cambridge university fund to drop fossil fuels

05/02/2017, The Financial Times: Cambridge clashes with own academics over climate change

20/06/2016, The Independent: Cambridge University draws criticism for not divesting from oil and gas industries

20/06/2016, The Guardian: Cambridge University rejects calls to divest from fossil fuels

17/06/2016, The Financial Times:  Cambridge blacklists coal and tar sands companies

02/05/2016, Le Figaro: Cambridge students denounce the ‘immoral’ investments of the University

29/04/2016, Newsweek: Rowan Williams Blesses Campaign for Cambridge to Divest from Fossil Fuels

28/04/16, The Guardian: Rowan Williams calls on Cambridge University to divest from fossil fuels

28/04/16, The Independent: Cambridge University faces growing pressure to divest from fossil fuel companies