Dismantling The Fossil Fuel University

This morning we have released a report investigating the wider links between the University of Cambridge and the fossil fuel industry. The report, titled ‘Dismantling The Fossil Fuel University’, illuminates the  academic, financial, and administrative links between the fossil fuel industry and the University of Cambridge. It includes previously unreported figures on research funding from fossil fuel companies, revealing that Cambridge has received £12.8 million from the industry since 2015. Additionally, it uncovers that a University research group solely dedicated to the exploration and characterisation of new oil and gas reserves is fully funded by eleven fossil fuel companies. CASP (formerly known as Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme) is housed within Cambridge’s Department of Earth Sciences and is registered as a charitable trust, which allows it to receive funding by subscriptions from corporations. The report concludes with 10 demands from the student campaign aimed at dismantling systemic links between Cambridge and fossil fuel companies, encompassing investments, advertising, research, and a ‘revolving door’ of personnel.

View the full text of our report here.