Decarbonising Cambridge. A Pathway to Divestment and Positive Reinvestment – Official Report

On 19th of January 2018 we publish a report authored by 20 students from Zero Carbon and partner societies Just Love and Positive Investment Cambridge.

Download the full report and a summary infographic.

The report wants to draw attention to the need, pragmatism, and positive impact of divestment from fossil fuels. At the same time it highlights the opportunities for social and environmental-sound reinvestment, presenting numerous and detailed case studies on previous divestment success stories in other referent institutions across the world.

Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, signs the foreword to the report stressing that: “There is a clear disconnect between the burning of fossil fuels and achieving the promises of the Paris accords. The only way we are going to honour such commitments is by making a decisive shift away from non-renewable energy, which emits vast quantities of CO₂ into our atmosphere.” “The Divestment campaign is therefore a significant part of the battle against climate change, […] this action will send the signal that the University is behind a radical, environmentally friendly agenda”

The publication of this report comes as the University-baked Divestment Working Group is deliberating on the pros and cons of divestment. With this document, Zero Carbon wants to clearly show the feasibility of divestment, and demand that the Working Group listens to the University membership, recommends divestment from fossil fuels, and starts working towards a 5-year plant to achieve this goal.

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