Please click here for our press release responding to the report of the Working Group on Investment Responsibility at Cambridge University.


“Last Monday the University Council approved the working group report recommending a greater incorporation of environmental and social considerations into investment decisions while steering clear of a divestment decision.

This is too little, too slow. It is progress, but nowhere near enough. Whilst we welcome the University’s rejection of thermal coal and tar sands from its investment portfolio, and its increased focus on the existential threat of climate change, it has, ultimately, failed to respect the voices of students, failed to recognise the totality of the climate crisis in which we find ourselves, and failed to live up to its own values. Fortunately, this does not end here. We will take the issue of fossil fuel divestment to Regent House, the ultimate arbiter of University decisions, made up mostly of academics. We are confident that academics will weigh up the evidence, see that it is overwhelmingly in favour of divestment on all counts, and vote for divestment. Zero Carbon will continue our fight for a just, sustainable future next year.”

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