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Following a meeting with Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) on November 23rd, the Council almost unanimously voted to support divestment, to support our campaign and to support the right to protest! This is great news for our campaign – the University must listen to a student body speaking with one voice.

Check out this article from BlewsWire for more details!

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CUSU Council Michaelmas IV Monday 23rd November 7pm


Proposed by Angus Satow seconded by Eleanor Whitlock

CUSU Notes:

  1. That Cambridge Zero Carbon Society has launched a divestment campaign at the University, calling for divestment from fossil fuels, with 1700 signatures on their petition after two weeks;
  2. That it is agreed across the world that global warming must not exceed 2 degrees Celsius, and that for this to happen to 80% of current fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground, resulting in warnings from HSBC and Mark Carnet, the Governor of the Bank of England, of the moral and financial dangers of fossil fuel investments;
  3. That the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership released a report earlier this year calling for “sustainable finance” and “a just transition to a low carbon economy”;
  4. That CUSU passed a motion in November of 2013 calling for the University and its constituent colleges to “explicitly commit to pursuing low-carbon assets and withdraw their investments from companies whose main business is the extraction and/or production of fossil fuels”;
  5. That Zero Carbon staged a banner drop on Wednesday 4th November, for which one member of the campaign group on Clare Bridge was sanctioned, with the disciplinary process still ongoing and a financial penalty expected.

CUSU Believes:

  1. That it is morally wrong for the University to invest in fossil fuel reserves while leading the way in sustainability research;
  2. That fossil fuel investments pose a financial risk to the University’s endowment in terms of beached assets and the ‘carbon bubble’;
  3. That the right to protest and freedom of speech on campus is indispensable, and should be upheld.

CUSU Resolves:

  1. To support Zero Carbon’s divestment campaign;
  2. To uphold the principles of divestment wherever possible at University Committees and other meetings where appropriate;
  3. To apportion funds from the CUSU Council Free Budget to hire a coach to London for the March for Climate, Jobs and Justice on the 29th November – the cost will be based upon searching for quotes for an appropriately sized coach and using the cheapest option available;
  4. To publicise and support a fundraiser for the student’s fine if appropriate.
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