Check out this article in the Independent for more info: ‘Oxbridge academics demand end to fossil fuel investment’.

“This is tremendous news, we congratulate Positive Investment Cambridge on their amazing work.

This open letter demonstrates the widespread demand for change in the University’s investment policy. Combined with the nearly 2000 students who have signed our divestment petition, the message is clear: fossil fuels have no place at the University of Cambridge.

An ethical investment policy must mean a divestment policy. Without decisive action, the world is heading for 4°C warming – mass drought, more extreme weather and climate catastrophe.

The University prides itself in its positive contribution to the world. It must now listen to the overwhelming call from its members to match its excellent sustainability research with an equally excellent investment policy. Above all else, fossil fuel investments have to go.” ‪#‎DivestCambridge‬ ‪#‎fossilfree‬

You can sign our petition here.