Local Press

19/10/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon disrupts Shell recruitment event

14/09/2018, Varsity: Nearly half of Cambridge investment office staff resign

26/07/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon calls for formal University review of divestment decision

12/07/2018, Varsity: Queens’ withdraws entire endowment from fossil fuels sector

23/06/2018, Varsity: Cambridge colleges weak on ethical investment policies

17/06/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon calls for resignation of University officials

16/06/2018, Varsity: Delayed Council decision confirms Cambridge will not be divesting

12/06/2018, The Cambridge Student: Cambridge University will not be divesting

11/06/2018, Varsity: Student campaigners speak out as divestment decision sinks in

09/06/2018, Varsity: University makes landmark decision against full divestment

04/06/2018, Varsity: Daisy Eyre criticises University Council for feeling ‘like a rubber-stamping body’

30/05/2018, Varsity: Exclusive: Greenwich House may contain sensitive information on University ties to Shell

30/05/2018, Varsity: Students rally against controversial forced eviction at Greenwich House

29/05/2018, Varsity: Students drop banners across River Cam decrying ‘climate emergency’

27/05/2018, Varsity: Controversial bailiff company hired by Cambridge draws criticism from student groups

25/05/2018, Varsity: Bailiffs forcibly remove Zero Carbon occupiers from Greenwich House

22/05/2018, Varsity: Analysis: Working group report a landmark, but fails to understand the pro-divestment movement

21/05/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon holds ‘D-Day Rally’ as University Council makes divestment decision

20/05/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon in pictures: Three years of Cambridge protests

19/05/2018, Varsity: Students occupy central administrative building ahead of divestment decision

18/05/2018, Cambridge News: Why Cambridge students have gone on hunger strike

16/05/2018, Varsity: Students embark on hunger strike in bid to pressure Cambridge to divest

14/05/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon activists spray paint Senate House walls

10/05/2018, Varsity: Nigerian environmental justice group calls on University to divest

23/04/2018, Varsity: Activists rally outside council meeting as divestment discussions kick off

20/04/2018, Varsity: Divestment campaign gathers widespread support ahead of crucial University decision

19/04/2018, Varsity: University staff barred from office as divestment activists ramp up campaigning efforts

17/04/2018, Varsity: University Council set to take divestment decision

15/03/2018, Varsity: Hundreds march for ‘Corporation Cambridge’ to divest

15/03/2018, The Cambridge Student: Pressure on the University to divest gathers momentum

08/03/2018, Varsity: Peterhouse withdraws direct investments in fossil fuels

02/03/2018, Varsity: Student quits working group over ‘sham’ divestment report

23/02/2018, Varsity: University governing body downplays connections to fossil fuels

14/02/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon mock wedding protests University ties to Shell

11/02/2018, Varsity: How likely is it that Cambridge will divest from fossil fuels?

02/02/2018, Varsity: Zero Carbon crime scene protest urges fossil fuel transparency

19/01/2018, Varsity: MP backs Zero Carbon divestment calls as report day looms for University

07/12/2017, Varsity:  Shell director calls himself ‘proud’ of controversial Nigerian operations at Cambridge talk

24/11/2017, Varsity: Protestors seek to clear the air around divestment

16/11/2017, Varsity: Divestment protesters keep the pressure on with march through Cambridge

14/11/2017, Cambridge News: Cambridge University students protest over offshore fossil fuel investments

09/11/2017, Cambridge News: Students outraged over ‘absolutely scandalous’ university fossil fuel investments

09/11/2017, Varsity: University and colleges avoided tax through offshore fossil fuel investment

09/11/2017, Varsity: Divestment movement marches on, with demonstrations and town hall meetings

02/11/2017, Varsity: University faith leaders unite in push for divestment

22/10/2017, The Tab: Zero Carbon Society accuses University of being ‘undemocratic’ after Sidgwick drama

19/10/2017, Varsity: Everything you need to know about the Cambridge divestment campaign

09/10/2017, Varsity: Academics and activists join calls for divestment

01/06/2017, Varsity: University launches second working group to explore fossil fuel divestment

27/04/2017, Cambridge News: Students dressed up as Donald Trump and Theresa May and had a football match with a globe as a ball in a innovative protest

24/04/2017, The Tab: Cambridge Zero Carbon Society stages FOOTY protest on Senate House lawn

24/02/2017, Varsity: Students stand in solidarity to push University Council to divest

17/02/2017, Cambridge News: Students draw a ‘red line’ under climate change

17/02/2017, Varsity: Students use red ribbons to campaign against climate change

26/01/2017, Varsity: Regent House approves Grace calling for full divestment from fossil fuels

15/06/2016, Varsity: Zero Carbon slates Working Group ‘failure to engage’