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08/10/2017, The Financial Times: Pressure grows on £6.3bn Cambridge university fund to drop fossil fuels

05/02/2017, The Financial Times: Cambridge clashes with own academics over climate change

20/06/2016, The Independent: Cambridge University draws criticism for not divesting from oil and gas industries

20/06/2016, The Guardian: Cambridge University rejects calls to divest from fossil fuels

17/06/2016, The Financial Times:  Cambridge blacklists coal and tar sands companies

02/05/2016, Le Figaro: Cambridge students denounce the ‘immoral’ investments of the University

29/04/2016, Newsweek: Rowan Williams Blesses Campaign for Cambridge to Divest from Fossil Fuels

28/04/16, The Guardian: Rowan Williams calls on Cambridge University to divest from fossil fuels

28/04/16, The Independent: Cambridge University faces growing pressure to divest from fossil fuel companies